Physical Therapists typically employ the use of a Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthotic (DAFO), which is worn to help HemiChildren with their posture and walk. A DAFO helps to keep the knee from hyper-extending, helps the affected heel to strike the ground first when walking, and helps to stretch the affected-side leg muscles to combat the spasticity common with hemiplegia. There are many different types of DAFO's to treat various individual conditions.

The Cascade DAFO Company is the creator of and leading provider of DAFO's, and their website is the best source of accurate, current information on the different types of DAFO's and their uses. Typically, DAFO's are ordered by Orthotists and/or Physical Therapists after properly measuring and molding the affected ankle and foot.

Arm Splint


Spasticity makes it difficult for hemiplegic children to supinate their affected arm. Arm splints help to stretch the muscles, helping with the outward roll (supination) of their arm.

Thumb Splint


Due to spasticity, hemiplegic children tend to tuck their thumb into the palm of their affected hand. Thumb splints help to stretch the muscles and alleviate this difficulty.